Best Ping Pong Balls

Best ping pong balls
Here we will review the best ping pong balls available in the market place. In order to find the best table tennis table ball, you have to define what best is. The best should meet the qualification set for the by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)
Table Tennis Balls Star Rating Requirement Defines the Best
•    The ball shall be spherical, with a diameter of 40mm.
•    The ball shall weigh 2.7g.
•    The ball shall be made of celluloid or similar plastics material and shall be white or orange, and matt.

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If the ping pong ball meets these three requirements, you have a the top of the line ping pong ball. These ping pong balls are then known as three star ping pong balls
3 start table tennis balls are the same as 5 star ping pong balls
These balls are also known as three star balls. They are used in official table tennis competitions. Butterfly, Nittaku and Double Fish makes these balls. Sometimes people will say 5 star ping pong balls are top of the line. They don’t know what they are talking about. Three star is the top line star rating system for official ping pong balls. Below I provide image, a brief review and link for where you can find the lowest price for each of these ping pong balls.
•    Butterfly Ping Pong Balls
Image Credit: Butterfly
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The Butterfly Three Star Table Tennis Ball Six-Pack contains six of Butterfly’s three-star 40-millimeter table tennis balls in either white or orange. Butterfly’s three-star balls have been chosen as the official ball of the ITTF World Junior Circuit through 2007 and were the official ball of the 2004 North American Olympic Doubles Trials. USATT and ITTF approved, only the best table tennis balls are included in Butterfly’s three-star packs, and are chosen for their exceptional roundness and consistency through a rigorous quality-control process.
•    Nittaku Ping Pong Balls
Image Credit: Nittaku
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These 3-Star 40+mm premium poly balls made in Japan. ITTF approved for international competition. These balls have a predictable bounce according to the players. Players prefer these balls over balls made from other materials.
•    Double Fish Ping Pong Balls
Top Ping Pong Balls, Image Credit: Double Fish
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These Double Fish ITTF Approved 3-Stars Table Tennis Ping Pong Ball 40mm for Match. The ball color is yellow, which makes it easy to see and player say despite the fact they are cheap in cost, they are good quality balls. They are suitable for recreational and advanced players. I highly recommend these balls if you’re just starting out.  I hope you like this review of best ping pong balls.  Remember three star ping pong balls are the best as they meet three requirements.  And there is no such thing as five star ping pong balls.
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